With an unmatched reputation for service and professionalism, 1st 4 Fire & Security is your perfect partner of choice.

Our centrally located converted barn offices within the heart of the Leicestershire countryside support 1st 4 Fire & Security Limited as your national reputable provider with a very much local service. We don't operate with the usual call centres, standard 9-5 business hours or pushy sales representatives, we are in fact here for you the customer to provide you with the most accurate and cost-efficient service at the times that you require it most.

1st 4 Fire & Security was a vision borne from the unfortunate past experiences suffered by both directors within the fire and security and electrical industries. It has been apparent over the years that the influx of poor training, bad management, forced sales techniques and poor customer service within the industry has caused many customers to be let down and lose trust in those quality service providers within the industry. Both myself and David decided that this simply wasn't good enough and there was a huge market for a quality service to be provided to deserved customers at an also quality price. On cue, 1st 4 Fire & Security was born.

Off the back of these experiences we have implemented a process of practising what we preach by adopting quality third-party accreditations into our everyday management so that our business model utilises these proven systems rather than the need to make these systems operate around pre-existing businesses ways. We have not only implemented these quality systems but we are consistently finding new ways of divulging more information to customers in order to prove our business transparency and offer a further real value for money service. We currently operate a systems service PC suite from our head office and are investing heavily on the testing of new systems to make our engineers job role more efficient and transparent during attendance visits. Our fleet of vehicles are also tracked so that we can pinpoint the closest engineer to your work requirement, thus improving speed of delivery and more accurate cost management within this service.

1st 4 Fire & Security have explored numerous ways and numerous partnerships to provide the very best service that we can for you as a customer. This dedication is proven to yield the right results given the current calibre of customers already committing to us as a business. We intend to keep improving on these areas and committing to using the latest technology in order to continually move our business forward with this ever evolving world we now live in.

1st 4 Fire & Security — your customer-focused service provider putting you first.

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John Ives — Director

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